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2011-02-06 12:35:57 by NinjaPs3

So Bored these past few days...

Almost New Years

2010-12-26 09:46:56 by NinjaPs3

yes new years bonus woot xD
im thinking of buying my friends son a Ps3
wont he be happy :)

My job is starting to suck

2010-12-24 11:53:04 by NinjaPs3

so much awful games to test
so much easy games ive played
too little good games even made
blah no1 even reads this

so bored..

2010-12-05 00:54:08 by NinjaPs3

maybe i should make my own flash game..

lalala ~boredoms~

2010-12-03 09:35:26 by NinjaPs3

yeah so like i finally got to play call of duty black ops
Epic-ness! i approved it for this country :) so uh good for them?
now to distribute,starting with my house xD
also i killed a pro on WoW and i liked it---alot! >:D
yeah and that was my day :)


2010-11-30 23:13:24 by NinjaPs3

i am a video game tester
only reason i am here is because my friend wants me to try some of the games here
so..if you want,throw me a game and ill rate it
warning-i am a real critic so if it sucks " IT SUCKS! "
no complaining!

also..i Like Ninjas...